Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Glass Cutting: Buy A Glass Cutter Tool and Oil Online

Whether for stained glass or a do-it-yourself home improvement glass project, the most important tool you need is a glass cutter. The best deals and on the web with a wide variety are available from Some of these bestselling glass cutter tools are nearly half the price as found elsewhere.

Glass Cutter Pliers

An Amazon bestseller! This versatile cutting tool can be used to cut glass or tile. It features a tungsten carbide scribing wheel which is far stronger and lasts longer than the older steel wheels and “breaking wings” which allow for easy and clean breaks. It’s simple to use and requires minimal pressure to break. It can be used for a variety of projects and is especially good for the do-it-yourselfer.

Perfect Score Professional Oil-Feed Glass Cutter

The heavy duty metal handle of this glass cutter acts as a reservoir for the glass cutting oil. The automatic oil dispensing system lubricates the wheel and gives you a perfect cut every time. It’s great for the professional or the hobbyist. It is convenient to use and easily fits into your glass cutter pouch for use around the studio or in the field.

Perfect Score Pistol Grip Oil Feed Glass Cutter

The pistol grip of this cutter gives you outstanding comfort and control, while minimizing hand and wrist strain. The clear, hollow handle lets you to see the level of cutting oil and the screw on brass cap allows you control the flow of oil to the cutting wheel. This is a favorite for the beginning stained glass student.

Toyo Custom Grip Supercutter

Toyo is the name of quality in Glass Cutters today. This next-generation cutter has a unique design. It has a small saddle that fits comfortably between your thumb and forefinger and allows you more control with less fatigue. The four way adjustable grip fits almost any hand position. Also unique to this cutter is the new Tap Wheel system. The head has eight microscopic cams which tap the wheel, driving it deeper into the glass and requires less pressure. Comes in a variety of colors. Warning, If you try the Supercutter, you’ll never go back to your old one.

Basic Cutters

All of these old type, basic cutters are no frills, but get the job done. They have a ball at the end for tapping the glass to break it and notches near the head for breaking off any excess glass like a pair of pliers. And between 3 and 4 dollars, they can fit anyone’s budget.

Fletcher Carbide Wheel Glass Cutter

Fletcher is one of the oldest and most respected names in glass cutting. These high quality tools feature durable tungsten carbide wheels for a long life and excellent scoring. Designed for industrial use or stained glass.

Wheeler Rex Glass Tube Cutter

This unique cutter can be used to cut any kind of glass or porcelain tube. Convenient to carry and easy to use. Just wrap the chain around the tube and insert it through the metal jaws. A quick twist of the wrist and a slight squeeze and pop, you’re done.

Bottle And Jar Cutter

This is a fun way to recycle and remake old bottles and jars.

Glass Cutting Oil
Nearly all glass cutters require cutting oil. A must have for any artist. If in doubt, use oil.
Running Pliers

Used to break the glass along the score. Line up the head to the score line and gently squeeze.
Grozing Pliers

Used to snap off any excess glass after the break.

Glass Cutter And Pencil Pouch

This Pouch for your belt has three pockets for your pencils or glass cutters and a strap for hanging measuring tape or pliers. Makes for ease and convenience around the workshop.

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